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Open Innovation

Go beyond corporate innovation for greater diversity of opinion and greater levels of innovation – by establishing an open program.

Engaging third parties outside of your organization is often a key milestone in developing an innovation program. However, although open innovation has huge promise, it also has potential challenges. Many companies struggle with the question of:


"How can I tap into the creativity of my customers, partners, and suppliers, allow them to collaborate in a secure environment, and still retain control of my innovation process?”

Implement a systematized approach to your innovation program, combining separate secure communities, open portals, and private areas. A modern online platform will provide you with all the functions you need.




The strategic benefits of an integrated innovation approach in a B2B context is illustrated by global innovation leader Nokia. Hear from Fabian Schlage, Head of Innovation, about their award-winning innovation program: "Our co-creation approach and open innovation programs with our customers creates a key competitive advantage over our competition. Our customers know that our core philosophy is founded on innovation and creative thinking."


Learn from Fabian Schlage, Head of Innovation Management, how HYPE supports Nokia's innovation initiative.

Support for Open Innovation

HYPE solutions enable our clients to run one, or many, challenges with single parties or multiple groups and – where needed – to "ring-fence" collaboration with specific groups to protect intellectual property or partner relationships.

HYPE provides clients with a combination of technology and professional guidance to support B2B and B2C open innovation. Using our exclusive, industry-recognized open innovation matrix, and other supporting tools, we help assess the readiness of your company, identify and target high potential partner communities, and build your open innovation program to ensure the best outcome. HYPE’s software gives your open innovation activities the largest possible audience, whether it’s a crowdsourcing challenge with thousands of customers suggesting product improvements or a co-creation project with a select group of trusted partners developing a market-transforming product.

HYPE has a variety of technology and business solutions for open innovation depending on your goals and requirements:

  • Partner innovation for two parties to share ideas, feedback, or co-create.
  • Parallel innovation communities where many external parties can collaborate with your company only and not with each other.
  • Supply chain innovation where multiple partners can share ideas and feedback or co-create in a secure, limited-access online community.
  • Open portals for anyone to share and collaborate on your innovation challenges. This is a common approach for B2C innovation.
  • SME portal where anyone can register and submit ideas, insights, or business proposals to your organization through a secure, private portal.


Are you in charge of an open innovation project your organization would like to implement?

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