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Creating a Culture of Innovation

Engagement is key to long-term success - make sure you keep your community in the loop and motivated.

Every company has its own unique culture and attitude towards collaboration. Launching a sustained process for gathering ideas and producing consistent value from them requires tapping into the very best of your company’s talent and know-how. It also requires trust and belief in the initiative, and a clear process.

The first campaign can always be a success, something new and exciting will gain attention. The difficulty many companies have is keeping traction after the initial launch. HYPE has developed methods to measure your culture, which enable leaders to make the best decisions when deploying and managing a platform for innovation.

By looking at the data, you can measure the impact the initiative is having and where you need to invest time and energy to make it sustainable for the future. 

What does a sustainable innovation program look like? 

  • Engagement – continued participation from the audience over time
  • Innovation – focus on generating improved products, services, or processes
  • Measureable results and ROI – return on engagement and investment with clear results

HYPE’s method starts with categorizing the audience into innovation groups. We can then communicate and structure the programs in the most appropriate way to get the best results.

There are five groups:

Hype Report


Bought in, will participate in almost all campaigns if they can

Hype Report


Bought in, will participate if the campaign is relevant for them

Hype Report


Aware of the program, but unlikely to participate unless they see obvious benefits

Hype Report


Won’t participate unless made aware, will then fit into one of the above three

Hype Report

Sceptical / negative

Blockers to those participating that will need to be removed

By evaluating data on the user activity and the rates for participation and idea submission, we know what the best approach is for the different activities. Over time your company culture will change, and it’s important to continue to monitor the progress and keep the program moving with your audience’s behaviors.

Swisslog Case Study

See an example of the HYPE Innovation Culture Framework in practice at Swisslog.