Linking Strategy With Innovation at Hager Group Within HYPE Innovation

Learn how electrical installations manufacturer Hager Group utilizes HYPE Suite to:

  • Align business strategy and innovation
  • Transparently develop ideas and turn them into reality
  • Make well-informed decisions backed by data

About Hager Group

Founded in 1955 by brothers Hermann Hager and Dr. Oswald Hager, alongside their father Peter, Hager Group is an independent, family-owned business headquartered in Blieskastel, Germany. The organization, which embodies the cultural diversity of its European roots, how has a global footprint that extends to 20 production sites worldwide and serves customers in over 100 countries. With 12,900 dedicated employees, Hager Group had a turnover of around €2.8 billion in 2022.

The company is at the forefront of innovation in the electrical installations sector for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Its diverse range of components and solutions encompasses energy distribution, cable management, wiring accessories, building automation, security systems, and energy management, all under trusted brands such as Hager, Berker, Elcom, E3/DC, Bocchiotti/Iboco, Pmflex, and Eficia.

Innovation at Hager Group

For Hager Group, innovation is more than a business goal – it's a commitment to shaping the electrical world of tomorrow to become safer, cleaner, and simpler. The corporate innovation support team, led by innovation manager Christophe Duvernelle, has been boosting innovation since 2011. This team focuses on providing the tools and methods for fostering innovation within the group. All corporate innovation teams merged with Business Development and Strategy in 2018 to ensure strong collaboration between them.

Diverse team working


Challenges before HYPE

  • Information accessibility and overview of strategic foresight

It was difficult to track external trends that had been identified and internal foresight data that had been used for informed decision-making.

  • No tool to visualize the bridge between strategy and innovation

Before adopting HYPE’s innovation management software, Hager Group faced challenges in depicting the mapping between the bridge strategy and innovation.

Benefits of Working With HYPE

Overall, HYPE’s software has been used to relaunch Hager Group’s ideation, aligning them with the company’s strategic needs. Integrating strategy with ideation has enabled the identification of the most relevant subjects and topics for each campaign.

The Vision of Our Future Is Visible to Everyone

HYPE’s software has enabled Hager Group to share its business vision of the future with every employee so that everyone understands where the company is facing and can take an active role in impacting the direction of the organization. Innovation is no longer happening behind closed doors and is visible to everyone.

Iteration and Update of Our Future Envisioning

By involving multiple stakeholders into the process and making it visible, we build a vision that could be revisited and updated using a process proposed by HYPE.

Future Plans

The goal is to create a cohesive innovation management tool by engaging the community and strong commitment by submitting more trends including our customers’ view.

To provide a clear view of the ecosystem, it will be great then to make the links between trends, insights, etc. to the innovation projects. Indeed, it will facilitate decision-making and visualize project progression linked to the vision directly.

Fast questions with Christophe Duvernelle, Ideas and Innovation Leader at Hager Group


  • How has it been working with HYPE’s team?

HYPE Innovation is more than just software as their team supports us in enhancing our innovation program by leveraging their extensive network and expertise to offer quality advice.

  • What would your job be like if you didn’t have HYPE?

Justifying the rationale behind specific innovation projects would be more challenging, and evaluating which initiatives are truly worth pursuing would be difficult. HYPE effectively guides us in the right direction.

  • What would you tell other companies considering using HYPE?

We would advise other companies that while our team values the robustness of the software, we also recognize the importance of live discussions. Therefore, we continue to hold live workshops to facilitate exchange and collaboration, followed by translating all outputs onto an online collaboration platform. This allows colleagues to seamlessly continue discussions, track the transformation of ideas into reality, and stay aligned with our strategy.

  • How would you describe your experience with HYPE in three words?

Collaboration, Efficiency, Exciting.

Collaboration: Adapting the tool to the department's needs relies on strong collaboration.

Efficiency: Both in content and form, HYPE enhances the efficiency of our processes and yields favorable outcomes from collaboration.

Excitement: Constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate fosters excitement as we explore new avenues and push boundaries.

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