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HYPE’s customer service team offers full support for your innovation program. From strategic planning to hands-on implementation and execution. Our team of experts are there to help you succeed.


HYPE will help you put in place the key building blocks for a sustainable program, define your strategy and align it to the wider needs of the organization.


Align your process to your goals, and embed best practices into your program. HYPE's architecture services are about the practical set-up and organization of your innovation environment.


HYPE's execution services focus on the day-to-day running of your innovation program. Practical advice, templates and robust process examples are there to support you.

We work with clients to build their programs across three areas:


Collaborative Innovation Foundations
Planning & Alignment
Health Check
Value Expansion
Open Innovation
Social Media Integration
Design & Branding


Campaign Best Practices
Software Training & Setup
Expert Process Training
Innovation Advocate Training
Campaign & Strategy Playbook
Process Design


Campaign Building
Innovation Team Coaching
Awareness Raising
Program Champion
Facilitated Evaluation Sessions
Adoption Monitoring
Community Management

Get a Free Health Check

Talk to our experts to evaluate where your program’s maturity level is at, and how you can progress further. Book a free health check discussion today.
airbus case study

Airbus Case Study

See how HYPE is working with Airbus to manage their global program for innovation management.
innovation culture self-assessment

Culture Self-Assessment

Download the culture assessment, looking at the key 25 behaviors that shape your innovation culture.
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Attend one of our exclusive events for innovation managers, to see how our client community works.