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Better innovation happens in HYPE Enterprise, the full lifecycle innovation ecosystem platform that allows your entire organization to innovate together – and smarter. 

Your innovation program should be more than an idea box



KPIs are critical to the success of any innovation program. Without clarity and alignment with what the business aims to achieve in the short and long term, innovation teams will likely find it difficult to move beyond vanity metrics. To create a sustainable program, it's crucial to understand what actually matters and how it affects your budget.


With clarity around the desired impact, innovation teams begin to establish a rhythm of campaigns and channels that will yield meaningful results. Ease idea and partner relationship management and aid solution velocity by using embedded repeatable processes aimed at boosting engagement. When efforts are aligned with strategy, opportunities move more efficiently to implementation.


Programs with clear objectives, predictable processes, and meaningful outcomes become an essential part of the business. Consider other critical functions, like accounting, HR, IT, etc. These departments are funded, have clear career paths, and have their own goals and KPIs. When an organization sees innovation as essential, it's given the same autonomy and can move beyond incremental innovation.


Achieving measurable impact and predictable outcomes, and becoming an essential business function, are the building blocks for sustainable innovation programs. Developing and retaining innovation talent while building strategic innovation expertise legitimizes innovation in the organization. When innovation is sustainable, teams can pursue breakthrough innovations rather than suffer from disruption.

Where all your innovation activities come together


Strategy is absolutely critical for your future success. When it comes to strategy building, it all starts with signals, like trends, technologies, startups, clients, and even competitors — all of which show you where the world is going. HYPE Enterprise gives you the tools to capture, cluster, evaluate, and rate, these signals to finally set your strategy and derive roadmaps.




Now that you have your strategy set, you know exactly where you want to innovate. And even if that changes, you'll still know. After all, the world is in flux, and you have to be agile. Run idea campaigns in HYPE Enterprise to collect and evaluate ideas that are targeted towards your specific needs. Say goodbye to thousands of ideas that are irrelevant and waste your time. Say goodbye to uncertainty about which ideas hold the greatest potential.


Depending on your strategy and challenges, external partner organizations might hold the key to the solution. HYPE Enterprise helps you identify and manage partner relations as well as the opportunities you generate with them. Build your partner ecosystem, transparent and researchable and for all stakeholders in your organization.



Have confidence in your innovation portfolio by understanding potential risk and resources. With HYPE Enterprise’s portfolio analyzer and flexible processes, build business cases for your most promising concepts. Monitor their progress to confirm your team is on the right track in proving a return.

The complete suite for your innovation ecosystem

Check-suiteStrategic orientation

Strategic Innovation Areas provide a guiding framework across the platform. Every innovation activity is therefore linked and contributing to your organization’s success.


Multiple languages

Localize your communication based on your preferred language. HYPE supports 17 different languages.



Connect your social business platforms
, like Jive, and SharePoint or use our universal API to build custom integrations that meet your needs.




HYPE Enterprise grows with you. Start small, maybe with a single department engaging in campaign-based ideation and add functionality and participants as you grow.



Make better decisions with the right KPIs. Choose from a selection of standard reports, customize your own or integrate into your favorite BI tool to measure what’s important to your program.


User engagement

Drive collaboration with features like commenting, voting, multi-perspective thinking, sharing, and mentions.



HYPE Enterprise includes everybody who has something to add. Externals can be invited or self-registered, campaigns can be opened up to any kind of audience and our section 508 compliance ensures nobody is left behind.





Access your platform on the go through our mobile app for iOS and Android or directly through your browser.



Security compliance

Your data belongs to you. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. And while your data is absolutely safe in our cloud, we can also deploy our software on-premise, behind your firewall

Software alone doesn't drive change


HYPE's consulting team works with you to develop a program with sustainable foundations. We're here to ensure you get the collaboration needed to bring out diverse ideas and insights from all areas of the organization.



"HYPE is not just a platform, it is a whole partnership. Anytime I have a question, or I am not sure in which direction to take our program, or I am excited, HYPE is one of the first people that I call to share my news with, or to share my misery with, or to ask what should I do next." 

Sarah Kelly, Liberty Global



"Choosing the right crowd is a really crucial aspect for us. We’re not interested in getting everybody involved. It’s about finding the right experts and connecting them to each other, and to the customer challenge.”

Joachim Box, Fujitsu
Sarah Kelly
Joachim Box

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