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someone filling a checking list

A Guidance on Keeping Your Innovation Processes in Check

As an innovation manager/leader you likely deal with processes (and process improvements) every day. You know, prioritiz...

a girl looking into a telescope

Don't Lose Sight of Innovation's Real Purpose by Looking Deeper Into the Portfolio Management System

We have all become totally wrapped up in “Innovation Theatre.” Some have called these song and dance routines, others have described their view of “innovation theatre” around the current obsession of setting up outposts...

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ten types of innovation framework

Using the Ten Types of Innovation Framework

Exploring the Doblin Group's ten types framework for innovation, and how it can be used for idea campaigns.
what is a good customer insight?

What is a Good Customer Insight?

Elena Ozeritskaya takes us through the fundamentals of customer insights, and how they can fuel innovation.
peter theil

Peter Thiel’s 7 Questions for Product Innovation

Peter Thiel has 7 questions that you should ask of your ideas, for them to be truly innovative ones. Do yours match up?
the three horizons framework for innovation

Using the Three Horizons Framework for Innovation

Paul Hobcraft explains the famous McKinsey framework for setting your innovation strategy over multiple time horizons.
the lean startup methods

The 10 Methods of the Lean Startup

We look at the most powerful methods presented in the lean startup, and how you can implement each one.
inside out versus outside in strategy

Inside-out versus Outside-in – what’s the better strategy?

There are two broad approaches to thinking about innovation, each case is explored here by Elena Ozeritskaya.