Today HYPE announces that their Innovation App is ready for the cloud. The HYPE Innovation App allows clients to embed a dedicated innovation process to support Social Business Patterns in their company. Based on experiences with leading global companies, the fully integrated Innovation App helps companies bring together the right people to collaboratively solve business challenges, track ideas through to implementation and monitor the return on investment.

“With our app’s cloud readiness we have taken another big step forward. We know that customers, as well as our friends from IBM have been waiting for this. It makes it easy to deploy the app in any IBM Connections system.”, says Dr. Enno Scholz, CTO and co-founder of HYPE Innovation.

HYPE expects increased interest from IBM clients, due to the new on-demand availability, and lower initial costs and IT efforts. Upgrades are seamless and the integration with IBM’s social business platform is even smoother than before.

HYPE’s Innovation App as a cloud offering brings game changing opportunities to both IBM and the end users of one of the world’s leading social business platforms.


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Michel Meisterjahn

Michel Meisterjahn

Michel is Director of Marketing at HYPE. He started his career as part of the professional services team at HYPE, where he developed a deep understanding of the numerous different challenges our custo