HYPE Innovation, the leading provider of full life-cycle innovation management solutions, today announced a major integration to the platform. HYPE Trends adds the powerful capability of trend scouting and research, via HYPE partner TRENDONE.

TRENDONE is a dedicated provider of products and services based on trend identification. They work with a network of 80 trend scouts worldwide, investigating the latest “signals”, i.e., signs, pointing to greater developments. Within their platform, the Trendexplorer, these signals are combined to bigger micro-trends, macro-trends, and overarching mega-trends. Here, trends are researchable by industry, country and other filters, and you can drill down to individual, already existing products and services.

With the new offering, HYPE Trends, HYPE’s clients get the Trendexplorer integrated into their innovation management platform. They can link mega-trends to strategic innovation areas and run aligned idea campaigns, based on the latest developments in their industry. In addition, access to TRENDONE’s Trendexplorer helps to inspire creativity and seed better ideas.

“We were all excited about this new partnership and the opportunities which it brings. Together with TRENDONE, we are able to offer the most complete innovation management solution on the market. Just a short look at TRENDONE's library of emerging trends will get you excited for the possibilities it can bring to an innovation platform like ours”, comments Stefan Kaspari, CEO at HYPE Innovation.

On top of the technical integration TRENDONE and HYPE will offer complementary consulting to their clients. TRENDONE, being the experts for creativity workshops and early inspiration, make the perfect partner for HYPE’s strategic consulting on innovation processes and community management.

As Nils Müller, CEO at TRENDONE puts it: “Trends and Innovation go hand in hand – our trends deliver inspiration in HYPE's innovation tools. So as a customer you can now innovate even more effectively.”

Read more about TRENDONE on their website:

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Michel Meisterjahn

Michel Meisterjahn

Michel is Director of Marketing at HYPE. He started his career as part of the professional services team at HYPE, where he developed a deep understanding of the numerous different challenges our custo