BONN, Germany and BOSTON, USA  – (September 2013) HYPE Innovation, a global leader for end-to-end innovation management software, released new upgrades for the award winning end-to-end software suite for innovation management. The new features allow organizations to elaborate on their innovation programs with an extended degree of openness for more innovators and offer a flexible approach for the evaluation of their ideas and campaigns.

The new OI features offer the possibility to open up innovation programs either to public or to select/pre-defined groups of users, and introduce self-registration, OAuth for easy sign-in, Legal Agreements and additional Campaign features. Integrating Social Media allows sharing of ideas or campaign teasers on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter to attract other users to the platform.

The Evaluation Wizard comprises functions such as running flexible evaluation sessions, graphical overviews, a wizard guiding through a simple setup and notifications to prompt reviewers to complete their tasks. Innovation professionals are enabled to run individual evaluation sessions on ideas, concepts, projects, and any other object in HYPE  whenever required.

„Our vision at HYPE Innovation is to provide technology that simplifies the innovation process for our clients!“, says Dr. Enno Scholz, CEO and co-founder of HYPE Innovation. “These updates are part of a continued effort to support that initiative, allowing clients to easily manage and develop an open innovation ecosystem, and provide tools that support the decision making process."

Open Innovation New Features

  • Easy sign-in: Users may log in with their Yammer or Facebook account
  • Legal Agreements: Require participants to accept terms and conditions when signing up or entering the platform
  • Campaigns: Open campaigns to the public and allow everyone to join or invite only selected users


Evaluation Wizard New Features

  • Evaluation Sessions: Can be set up independent from the regular innovation process
  • Overviewpages: Tabular and graphical overviewpages for all sessions
  • Templates: Existing sessions can be used as templates to quickly create similar sessions
  • Set-up: an evaluation wizard guides through a simple setup


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