Open Innovation 101: Easy ways to get started

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Main points of the webinar:

There are plenty of myths surrounding inter-firm collaboration. It's crucial to distinguish fact from fiction.

Open Innovation starts with a need that could benefit from external input. Examine the need first and ask, "Why." A successful and enduring relationship starts with a good connection. Examine compatibility early and measure readiness as you go. 

Collaboration relies on trust and support from a range of partners. Write down the rules of the game, establish buy-in and adjust as your use-case develops.  There are "templates" for collaboration, and you can safely design your own!

Our Speaker:

Oana is part of the consulting team at HYPE and specializes in the science of durable intra- and inter-firm relationships. In her work, she combines academic insights with industry expertise to help organizations large and small, public and private, formulate and pursue more ambitious (open) innovation goals. For the past 12 years, she has been engaged in collaborative innovation projects in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and The Netherlands. In 2019 she obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Business Economics from Hasselt University in Belgium.