Idea Boards - quickly sort ideas into different buckets

  • Create custom buckets - Create as many buckets as needed, move ideas around with drag and drop.
  • Get ready for evaluation - Use the buckets as a basis for an evaluation session.

Triage Session - decide which ideas should go into the next round

  • Fast decisions - Weed out ideas that don’t match your requirements.
  • Pre-evaluate ideas - Reduce the workload for a more in-depth second round of reviewing.

Pairwise Evaluation - ideal when dealing with a large number of high potential ideas

  • Which one is better? - Judging how attractive or feasible an idea is can be difficult. Pairwise comparisons allow you to compare ideas in pairs and simply decide which of the two is better regarding a custom criterion, like feasibility or desirability.
  • Clear ranking - A results table shows you the ideas with the highest potential at a glance. You can assign weightings for rating criteria to get a more precise result.


Scorecard Evaluation - your choice when expert knowledge is needed

  • Detailed and technical - Set up a detailed evaluation to investigate highly complex ideas.
  • Interactive, visual analysis - Interactive bubble charts allow for a quick comparison of multiple criteria at the same time.


Evaluation wizard - run evaluation sessions any time with any group of ideas

  • Quick setup - Select the type of evaluation you need for your scenario, and define the criteria.
  • Finding the right team - Select your review team. HYPE’s selection dialogues offer to select users based on skills, interests or departments.
  • Keep the overview - Follow the progress of the session, and track how much more work each evaluator still has to do. You can send reminders directly from the overview.
  • Compare results - the evaluation results are plotted on a chart, along with a table showing the full details. You can sort and weigh each of the evaluation criteria to see a different perspective. You can select one or more ideas for further development or immediate implementation and export the results to Excel.


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HYPE Evaluation Tools

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