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Strategic Innovation Areas
  • Generating business impact - Strategic Innovation Areas (SIAs) align the innovation activities of your initiative with the business goals of your company.
  • Providing focus - SIAs help you focus innovation initiatives across the company, and link innovation activities such as campaigns and projects with strategic outcomes.
  • Building trust - They provide your contributors with the broader picture and thus help to build trust in the purpose of your online program.
  • Providing evidence - For you, the innovation manager, they provide structure across your innovation activities and evidence in the form of KPIs for how your collaborative innovation program contributes to the performance of your company


  • Providing guidance - HYPE’s campaign wizard leads you through the setup, step by step. Define the campaign team in charge, the duration, and the settings for discussions and voting as well as for the community graduation.
  • Selecting the right audience - Select the audience according to your purpose: HYPE Enterprise allows you to select participants by departments, skill sets, country and more criteria to make sure you have both subject matter experts and diverse perspectives.
  • Quick setup times - Select from a standard template or copy a previous campaign to use the same settings and launch quickly.
  • Staying on top of activities - The campaign cockpit keeps your finger on the pulse of the campaign activity. With key metrics and participation reports, and communication tools to keep the audience updated.



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  • Providing an overview - Channel owners have a personal dashboard with all channels they oversee, including deep search functionality.
  • Simple setup - A wizard guides you through the channel setup process.
  • Always on - Channels are always open for contributors, to submit ideas or insights they discover.

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