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HYPE's areas of innovation
HYPE's areas of innovation

Integrating into your business process landscape

  • Integrate all flavors of innovation - HYPE software offers you to integrate specialized processes for different types of innovation and idea management processes.
  • Integrate with your social enterprise platform - Ready-made integrations for the leading social enterprise platforms make data exchange easy, and even allow users to fully participate from within the social platforms.
  • Integrate with your most important back-end applications - Our universal, RESTful API allows for a seamless integration with any PPM, ERP, or ECM system your company may rely on. This ensures critical data is visible and measurable at any time and reduces the time and effort to get the information you need.

Your IT department’s best friend

  • Flexible deployment options - Whether you prefer SaaS, hosted, or on-premise deployment behind your firewall – we support all of these options without limitations.
  • Massive scale - HYPE has deployed some of the largest innovation platforms in the world, with experience in handling hundreds of thousands of users, accessing from across the globe, and in multiple languages. We know how to tackle a large-scale deployment and keep it running 24/7.
  • Instant access for users - Reduce access hurdles using our options for single sign-on (SSO) and LDAP integration.
  • Data security - Rely on access safety as we offer SAML connections and IBM WebSeal compatibility - HYPE is going to be ISO certified in 2018.
  • Granular access control - Control access within the tool with our detailed management system for access rights.
  • Confidentiality included - We support confidentiality to manage the challenging processes for IP and patent innovations with our module for invention disclosures. 

Web content accessibility according to WCAG 2.0 AA standard (508 compliant)

Innovation thrives through diversity and inclusion. HYPE Innovation's enterprise idea software is accessible for everybody in your organization, despite potential physical challenges.

  • Zoom: Text can be enlarged up to 200% without the use of additional technology. 
  • Tabbing: Users can tab through the elements of a page in logical order and will never get trapped on a particular element. The page element with the current keyboard focus has a visible focus indicator.
  • Keyboard navigation: Users can use the keyboard to navigate through the software‘s elements. For example, when the active element is a drop-down box, you can use the up/down keys to move between options, and select by pressing the enter key.
  • Pausing animations: Users can stop, pause or hide moving, blinking, scrolling or auto-updating elements. 
  • Support for screen readers: Pages can be read by screen readers, including dialogs and progress bars.

GDPR ready

  • GDPR compliant – With HYPE, you can rest easy knowing we collect, store, and process data with the highest levels of sensitivity – adhering to GDPR regulations. Learn more about GDPR here.

HYPE is seamlessly embedded in your favorite enterprise social software platform


HYPE's innovation software in IBM Connections

HYPE for IBM Connections

HYPE’s fully integrated innovation app for IBM Connections adds a campaign-driven innovation process to your social business platform. Proven tools for idea evaluation and selection support a sustainable, successful innovation program.

screenshot of HYPE's innovation platform in Yammer

HYPE for Yammer

With HYPE for Yammer you can leverage your Yammer community for your idea campaigns. Ideate in Yammer and transfer your ideas to HYPE for development and implementation.

SharePoint and HYPE Enterprise for innovation management

HYPE for SharePoint

Connect HYPE to SharePoint to enhance visibility for your innovation program, facilitate access for users and for the opportunity to involve a much bigger community in idea generation.

screenshot of Jive with HYPE's innovation software

HYPE for Jive

HYPE for Jive gives you the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds: social business collaboration, guided by features dedicated to rigorous innovation management.