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Your company doesn't employ all the bright minds in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't work with them. With HYPE's open innovation software, you can tap into the collective intelligence of your customers, partners, and employees. 

A great crowd to start with: your supply chain

HYPE Open Innovation Campaigns
Here are the top four reasons Supply Chain Open Innovation is successful:
  1. You already have a relationship with the contributing parties.
  2. You can be sure that their ideas are relevant to your business because they know you too.
  3. As your suppliers, they have a vested interest in your success.
  4. Contracts are in place and mitigate risks (or the fear of which).
HYPE Open Innovation Campaigns

Software for Open Innovation


  • Inclusive innovation platform: You can safely invite external parties to your internal innovation platform.
  • Optional "Satellite" setup:If required, your open innovation (OI) platform can be a separate satellite to your internal innovation system. Only the satellite is exposed to external parties, and data is transferred only one-way from the external to the internal system.
  • Optional "Innovation Spaces": HYPE's Innovation Spaces allow for individualized user interfaces and settings for the external parties you would like to invite. That means that your satellite can look individual to different parties who participate in your initiative.
  • Self-registration: Your OI partners can register themselves, reducing the workload for your admin.
  • Guest access: You can specify content that is visible for visitors who haven't registered yet to stimulate interest and engagement.
  • Excellent user experience: the software is easy to use for everyone and compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA standards (Section 508 compliant).

Services for Open Innovation


Based on insights gathered through our client programs, HYPE has developed a service framework to guide organizations on their road to a sustainable open innovation initiative. We help you identify:

  • Purpose: What are you aiming at? Feedback? Problem-solving? Co-creation?
  • Addressee: Who is the third party you want to address? Suppliers? Partners? The general public?
  • Driver: Who in your organization would drive the OI program? R&D? Marketing? Human Resources?
  • The motivation of invitees: Why would your desired contributors participate? For a commercial joint benefit? Rewards? Reputation?
  • Legal framework: How do you deal with IP issues? Disclaimer? NDA? Full IP protection?

We are happy to get you in touch with our clients to learn more about the way we work.

Open Innovation comes in many flavors and offers many choices. 

We at HYPE specialize in some of them. Together with our partners, we cover them all.

Own your innovation crowd

You know whom to reach out to and you would like to manage your crowd yourself? This is when HYPE offers all the expertise you need. Examples: supply chain open innovation, customer co-creation.

Get expertise on collaborative crowds

If you know your goals, but you don't know whom to engage, our partner HYVE, supported by HYPE technology, can find the right crowd for you and help you manage them. Examples: Open Innovation Contests, Hackathons.

Tap into an expert network

You are looking for a crowd of external experts to submit solutions to your challenges? Our partner NineSigma offers a ready-to-go community of engaged professionals, powered by HYPE software. Example: technical challenges requiring a good deal of subject matter expertise.

HYPE Innovation is one of the world's leading providers of software and services for idea and innovation management. Companies work with a broad range of providers and follow numerous approaches to generate future innovation options: idea campaigns, open innovation, insights scouting, startup relationships, intrapreneurship, and many more. Typically, these initiatives run in isolation.
HYPE offers an integrated solution: HYPE Enterprise is your value creation hub, allowing all innovation activities to be tracked on a unified platform.

See how it works. Request a demo!