HYPE Mobile

Allow your users to innovate wherever they are with HYPE for Mobile.

Your HYPE platform is the backbone of your company’s innovation ecosystem as you run campaigns, evaluate ideas, grow concepts, and manage projects.

HYPE Mobile offers the opportunity to extend your users’ workspace to smartphones and tablets and enables them to enter comments and ideas while on the move. Your community is able to innovate anywhere and everywhere – whether they are online or offline, at the of­fice or on the road. Additionally, mobile users can easily upload pictures and video to enrich their ideas.


HYPE Mobile features include: 

  • Seamless, secure integration directly into your idea man­agement portal
  • Feature-rich tool kit, including self-registration, submission, discussion, voting, and 'send-to-a-friend' mailing
  • Multimedia idea capture, enabling idea visualization and allowing users “on the go” to upload and attach pictures and videos to ideas
  • Brand-new design and usability
  • Supported by all HYPE platforms
  • Supports all languages implemented for your HYPE platform
  • Works with all leading operating systems: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

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