Engage your entire workforce to improve productivity, spot inefficiencies, and reduce costs.

Save money and improve processes by supercharging your Continuous Improvement initiatives. Focusing on tactical challenges is a great way to raise awareness and generate quick results.


Find efficiencies and reduce costs quickly and transparently

Do you ever wish you could uncover all the best practices and process improvements happening around your organization? With HYPE, you can run campaigns to address specific problems or ask participants to share their improvement efforts so you can replicate them throughout the organization quickly. Take the results of a Kaizen analysis and get feedback from frontline staff or clients for refinement before implementing the results.

Learn how ConocoPhillips set up its margin improvement program.

Raise awareness and involve the entire company in your initiative

HYPE provides a single source for all continuous improvement work happening in your organization. This reduces duplication of efforts, speeds up sharing of best practices and lessons learned, and makes replicating improvement efforts quick and easy.


Build trust in your innovation program

Prove your program’s worth by focusing a campaign on a single process and how you can increase its efficiency and lower the cost. Your results will quickly illustrate why your innovation initiative is useful to the company while building a runway for the more radical innovation topics you will pursue.