Collect relevant ideas when your company needs them most

Managing ideas and insights that address your organization's most pressing challenges is often a scattered process that lacks strategic alignment. Our idea generation solution lets users easily submit and browse ideas, while you track and evaluate them – all in one place.

Align your innovation activities with your organization's goals

Build your innovation strategy in line with your company's overarching vision. With HYPE's Strategic Innovation Areas, ensure that the ideas, insights, and inspirations collected are fit for funding and resources. Providing the link between activities and their strategic value builds confidence with contributors, boosting engagement. 


Set up a campaign defined by you and your team

Idea campaigns are time-bound and directed at a specific problem or opportunity, allowing you to focus the ideation process to get the right ideas at the right time. With our guided campaign setup, select from a standard template or copy a previous campaign to launch quickly.

Expand your campaign's reach with a diverse group of participants

Involving the right audience is a critical piece of campaign planning. Balancing outsider perspectives with known subject matter experts ensures that you're moving beyond incremental innovation and finding ideas in the “sweet spot.” Select participants by departments, skill sets, country, and other criteria. You never know; the next big R&D idea could come from finance.


Empower people to submit ideas even when you're not running a campaign

Sometimes people come up with ideas when they least expect it, and some topics never go away. Instead of those great ideas getting lost on a sticky note or sent in a one-off email, offer a place to drop ideas or insights that you can keep track of. HYPE’s Channels are an always-open idea dropbox that gives users a place to submit ideas, even without a relevant campaign.

Stay on top of campaign management

Monitor your campaign's progress via the Campaign Dashboard, which provides at-a-glance metrics. View the activity in your campaign as well as its engagement. Use this intel to update participants through the Communication Hub, whether it’s rallying the troops or thanking them for their contributions.