Gain a competitive edge with corporate-startup collaboration.


Engage startups at scale

Engaging startups is not new, but doing it systematically and software-backed still is. Statistically, most startup engagements fail. To make sure you find the best match for your initiative, you need a comprehensive pool of startups to choose from.

With HYPE, you research startups from dedicated databases, including recent updates and contact details. Provide your stakeholders with qualified shortlists of relevant startup partner options.

Evaluate startups systematically 

Engaging in corporate-startup relations is challenging and often follows unique paths. Documentation is spread across various tools and emails, which makes it difficult to compare and prioritize startup partnership options.

With HYPE, startup partnering opportunities follow a clear process with evaluation criteria that enable a direct comparison of different options. 


Make startup relations transparent across your organization

Chances are high that other teams and departments in your company could benefit from your discoveries or have something to add.

With HYPE, all partnering activities, including corporate-startup collaborations, are transparent and researchable across your organization. HYPE offers a single point of truth with real-time status updates, contacts, evaluations, and, of course, built-in analytics.