The new way to engage your workforce

In large organizations, employees often feel like they don’t have a voice. Even if they have an idea, they don’t know whom to tell or if it’s even worth it. HYPE's employee engagement solution enables your workforce to be part of the conversation that moves your company forward.



Empower employees to make a difference

Don’t rely on individual departments to make widespread changes. Encourage your employees to work together even if they’ve never met. The best ideas are formed by diverse personalities, each with their own preferred style of collaborating. Not everyone wants to participate by submitting ideas; some feel more comfortable simply voting or commenting.


Run hackathons, innovation fairs, and other live events

Give your employees a way to participate in innovation activities, no matter their location or role in the company. Whether you’re running online or in-person events, HYPE offers the flexibility for you to manage the entire process in an all-in-one platform. Easily score and keep track of ideas from hackathons or innovation fairs, then tally and report the results.

Create a culture where people want to innovate 

Inviting employees to help develop something new or solve a corporate problem makes them more invested in your organization, especially once they see they have real influence.

Assess how well your company is positioned to tackle innovation with our 25-question scorecard.