HYPE’s hackathon solution is made for organizing and executing hackathons linked to a corporate innovation program. From building teams and submitting ideas to evaluating and selecting the most promising contributions, HYPE supports innovation managers in every step of the process.


All the information you need in one place

Users can easily submit their ideas and all relevant information into the platform, which is visible to all participants. Once idea submissions are closed, judges can easily score and select the winning ideas within HYPE’s evaluation module. No need to export or import from other systems. 

Monitor your hackathon’s progress

Keep tabs on how your hackathon is going via the Campaign Dashboard, which provides at-a-glance metrics. Use this intel to connect with participants through the Communication Hub.


Help your participants build the best teams

Registrants can find their teammates before the hackathon fun begins with HYPE’s People Search and Idea Marketplace tools. Allow users to create profiles that showcase their skills and qualifications. With this information, you can request to join a team or you can ask someone to join your team. 

Enable your audience to interact with their team, mentors, & favorite projects

Encourage a sense of community by allowing participants to vote and comment on submitted ideas. Define the criteria that matter most, whether that’s feasibility, best design, or anything else. Team members and their mentors can communicate in the Team Area so they're always on the same page.


Use built-in evaluation methods to judge ideas

Get rid of manual scoring. HYPE’s flexible evaluation tools allow you to surface the best ideas. Set up your evaluation process to ensure you are selecting the ideas that match the hackathon’s objectives.

Showcase all ideas and celebrate the winners 

After the hackathon is over, participants can log back into the system and follow the progress of selected ideas. The results page shows ideas that were chosen to move forward.  


Host hackathons from anywhere

With HYPE’s hackathon solution, all you need is an internet connection to participate. Whether it’s in-person or online, getting involved is easy because all the information you need is accessible in one system.