Manage a complex supply chain ecosystem

More and more companies are looking outside of their organization to support their innovation initiative. HYPE Innovation provides the software infrastructure and processes to enable your supply chain ecosystem to collaborate securely online.


Engage those already invested in your organization’s success

You and your supply chain have one goal in common: mutual success. If all supply chain partners are aligned on the value they wish to create together, suppliers can help solve problems no single organization can solve on its own. With HYPE, run campaigns and hackathons to collaborate with your supply chain.

Find and leverage your supply chain's experience

Before you can do any joint innovation projects with your supply chain, you need to understand who wants to collaborate and what their competencies are. With HYPE, create partner profiles to get a clearer picture of your portfolio and the expertise available. Leverage this information to better understand how and where to innovate.


Mitigate risks with access rights

The supply chain ecosystem is a vast network of people, processes, and information. HYPE makes it easy to manage a wide pool of contributors within multiple campaigns all in one platform. Configure permission rights to ensure your participants have access to only the campaigns you want them to contribute to.