Scout and manage emerging technologies aligned with your innovation pipeline

In a steadily evolving business landscape, how do you ensure your organization is staying ahead of your competitors? Our technology-scouting-software solution helps you avoid disruption and act on opportunities to build your innovation portfolio. 


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Drive your organization forward with new technologies and partnerships

Act on the threats and opportunities of your industry.  With HYPE, search through a database of 10,000+ technologies, startups, and more to identify potential partners relevant to your innovation initiatives. Track and manage your partnership activity so all information and interactions are captured and visible to the right people.

Run scouting missions to solve specific business challenges

Sometimes you need to call on outside support to solve business challenges. With HYPE's technology scouting software, you can design a scouting mission in line with your innovation initiative. Collect contributions from potential partners like startups or academic institutions, and evaluate their proposals to find the best match.

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Discover the technologies already within your corporate boundaries

From side projects to internal hackathons, your employees are constantly developing new technologies that you might not be aware of. Run a campaign to identify technologies that can benefit your business needs at the right time.