A Maturity Model for High Involvement Innovation - Part 2

Professor John Bessant presents the second part of his model for measuring maturity in high involvement innovation


"So how do we go about building our high involvement innovation culture?
And, having put something in place, how can we build on it, strengthen,
and extend it?"

In part 2, Professor John Bessant offers tools to define the road for high involvement innovation: how can you plan for progress and success? What dimensions do you need to consider?

This report is based on a review of key research in the area of high involvement innovation and draws particularly on interview data with practicing innovation managers. Grateful thanks are due to Sarah Kelly (Liberty Global), Sven Grave (Wilo), Stan Heuvink (HERE), Lydia Schneider (GEA), Bob Neuhard (UCSD) and Fabian Schlage (Nokia).

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