How to Combine Online and Offline Ideation Most Effectively


Christoph Sohn
Christoph Sohn Enterprise Innovation Consultant LinkedIn E-mail

About this webinar

Dear Innovator,

Among other things, CINOs have to drive and steer the process of idea creation and capturing. This should ideally happen in a way that you get the right ideas, at the right time, while keeping the parties with a need (e.g., a campaign sponsor) and the parties with potential solutions (your ideator crowd) satisfied. We find a range of different approaches to ideation in organizations, some of them online, some offline.

In this webinar, you will learn about

  • The difference between top-down and bottom-up ideation
  • Face-to-face workshops: methods and techniques for ideating offline
  • Open channels, campaigns and online brainstorming: different ways of including groups of people online into the ideation process
  • Online vs. offline idea creation: Advantages & disadvantages of both worlds
  • Finding the right approach for yourself
  • Combining online and offline methods in your ideation process

Key Timings

00:00 – 05:15: Introduction

05:16 – 13:14: Idea creation process

13:15 – 25:03: Collaborative ideation online and offline

25:04 – 42:01: Combining online and offline

42:02 – 44:38: Online Brainwriting

44:39 – 46:25: Summary, Questions and Closure