Innovation Management in Higher Education


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Bob Neuhaurd Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives LinkedIn
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Melani Roberson Senior Strategy & Innovation Analyst LinkedIn
Colin Nelson
Colin Nelson Director of Enterprise Innovation Consulting LinkedIn E-mail

About this webinar

Higher-Education needs to innovate how it engages with both students and society. As expectations change generation-by-generation, we need to consider how we provide education in the most effective and engaging way.

During this expert interview, Colin Nelson will interview the UC San Diego Innovation team to understand how they’re using online idea management to address the big strategic challenges and opportunities faced by the University.

They’ll explain:

  • The key challenges that led them to invest in innovation management
  • Where innovation management fits and how it supports the organization
  • How they’re engaging 60,000 people across a complex community of a large university campus
  • Example idea campaigns they’ve run and their outcomes

Key Timings

3:45 Why was there a strategic need for innovation? Jump
12:52 How do you deal with continuous improvement at UCSD? Jump
17:13 What type of idea campaigns are you running? Jump
19:29 What results have you seen from your idea campaigns? Jump
21:30 What is the feedback from your highly diverse participant groups? Jump
28:12 How did you engage the students? Jump
44:48 What lessons have you learned, what advice can you give to other innovation professionals? Jump

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