How to Link Strategic Vision to Everyday Action in Innovation Management


Ian Ure
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About this webinar

Costs, cash, risks, profit – these are the underlying motivations for executives in most companies. And when they devise new strategies, this is what they have in mind. But often, they miss to connect the visions to how people are actually working – their own people, as well as the customers they serve.

Join this webinar to understand how to turn your innovation vision into reality. Using real work examples, we will cover a range of approaches that touch on:

  1. Taking An Outcome Based View To Creating Your Innovation Utopia: Illustrating what ‘good’ can look like when creating innovation environments (fusing science and art best practice) to enable the leadership to role model new highly collaborative and engaging ways of working.
  2. Making Innovation About People: How to make your innovation strategy human - energizing and harnessing the primal emotions that drive Innovation and creativity, such as curiosity, thirst for knowledge, understanding and the desire for meaning. This includes the emotional connection to your consumer – a key lever behind value creation.
  3. Making Engagement The Engine That Motors Your New Innovation Strategy: Creating mechanisms that make innovation strategy everyone’s business. So that everyone clearly understands, identifies-with and believes-in the new direction and way-of-working.

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