Stop Talking About Innovation!


Stefan Lindegaard
Stefan Lindegaard Author, Speaker, Strategic Advisor LinkedIn

About this webinar

People are fed up with innovation so we need to tone down the use of the word and the term “innovation” - and we need to ban the term “innovation culture” entirely.

This is the radical outset for this session in which Stefan Lindegaard challenges common beliefs on innovation, explain why most companies fail with their efforts to become more “innovative” and share insights on how to build the capabilities that can help companies and organizations survive and prosper in these times of fast change and strong disruption.

The key messages:

  • Focus on corporate transformation and digitalization – or die!
  • Link your efforts to the challenges of your stakeholders to increase ROI
  • Work with the unusual suspects; internally as well as externally
  • Focus on people, people and people – and upgrade their mindset and skills
  • Learn to communicate better and differently – or fail!

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