Success Factors for Collaborative Innovation


Colin Nelson
Colin Nelson Director of Enterprise Innovation Consulting LinkedIn E-mail

About this webinar

Bringing people together to collaborate on current challenges their enterprises are facing can be a challenge in itself. It is, however, crucial to ensure competitiveness. In this webinar, Colin will focus on current business challenges Italian companies are facing and discuss how these may be encountered with social collaboration - engaging large multidisciplinary groups within and outside the company - through sustainable innovation initiatives. Among other factors, you will learn about: 

  • How can a complex organization establish, embed and leverage collaborative processes or activate existing ones?
  • Which processes can be leveraged to foster innovation through social collaboration?
  • Why should companies have sustainable innovation initiatives? And what do companies risk if they do not have it?
  • Can assets, market position, skills and competencies, financial resources be focused to sustain innovation? And how?

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