What Are the Best Techniques for Idea Generation?


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About this webinar

Involving a large group of people in the idea generation process can take many forms: face-to-face workshops, (electronic) suggestion boxes, theme-based idea channels, time-limited campaigns or short idea jams. The chosen approach has a large impact on stakeholders’ motivations and their engagement, the idea management resource requirements and activities, and eventually on the results of your innovation program.

In this webinar your will learn:

  • What options exist to crowdsource ideas
  • How other companies of different industries and sizes approach this
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches
  • How to find the right tactic for your innovation program

Key Timings

6:05 Key ingredients for innovations Jump
10:50 How can we differentiate available options Jump
21:05 Seven options for Bottom-up and Top-down ideation Jump
54:00 Key considerations Jump

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