Innovation Webinar:

How to Change Your Company Culture With Collective Intelligence


The number of complex organizations establishing collective intelligence programs continues to grow. Companies are using techniques like crowdsourcing and online creative collaboration to drive innovation, change, and growthAnd, there’s been an indirect effect of increasing employees' impact in strategy and change – significant improvements in company culture!

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How organizations are establishing collective intelligence programs
  • The elements of company culture that techniques like crowdsourcing can address
  • The impact on company culture when establishing an enterprise innovation program, regardless of size and type
Hear the different stories of two organizations whose collective intelligence programs improved company culture. Liberty Global and Baxi Genuine Parts will share insights and experiences, including data on the wider benefits of collective intelligence.

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Sarah Kelly, Innovation Program Manager, Liberty Global

Innovation empowers Sarah to work in the most authentic way possible, as herself. As an innovation manager, storyteller, public speaker, and speech coach, her work both at Liberty Global and as Sarah Says, has allowed her the creative license to be successful through knowledge sharing and enabling others to enjoy success – and that’s powerful.  Sarah joined Liberty Global in 2009 and joined the Spark global innovation team in 2013 where she is now leading Spark as the Innovation Program Manager.
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David Willetts, UK Head of Innovation & Commercial Director After-sales, Baxi Heating

With a background in engineering, David started to work in research and development, then as a commercial manager to finally work for a few years now in innovation. He launched Baxi's innovation platform in July 2016.

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Colin Nelson, Director of Enterprise Innovation, HYPE Innovation

Colin specializes in the social science that underpins how large or diverse groups collaborate online. He is an expert in the field of Collective Intelligence, supporting complex organizations and communities on how to achieve efficient, effective, and sustainable innovation and business change using online tools and processes.

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