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Innovation means change

Change in the way we work, the products we make, the services we offer, the customer experiences we create, and the business models which fuel future growth. Increasingly, organizations need to leverage the brainpower of people both inside and outside of their environment. This is not just for idea and insight generation, but also for idea refinement, prototyping, and co-creation.

Collaborative innovation management

An end-to-end process of realizing ideas into valuable outcomes for the organization is what an innovation management program can achieve. But, mature innovation management requires direction and focus, and a strategy to bring together the elements of the front and back-end of innovation.

Organizations also need to master techniques for effective collaboration, across divisional boundaries, geographic locations, and beyond the organization itself. These techniques for collaboration allow us to:

  • Find diverse ideas and insights from diverse or large groups of people;
  • Encourage collaboration between people to build and improve upon those ideas and insights;
  • Use a combination of community opinion & expert knowledge to assess the content;
  • Use the content to take action on business opportunities and problems.
Also, the technology that will support your end-to-end process is a crucial aspect to consider when starting an innovation program. Nevertheless, it is not the only one. When selecting a solution we recommend to use a framework which considers 5 key aspects. To learn more about them, click here.

Beyond idea generation

To ensure ideas create value for the organization, we must go beyond idea generation, to connect it with the way an organization implements and delivers new sources of value. Innovation management means we are able to:

  • Manage a complex innovation portfolio with greater governance and rigor;
  • Ensure effective innovation resource management so that the best ideas make it to market;
  • Integrate the innovation process with other information systems to ensure alignment.

Creating a culture of innovation

To create a sustained culture of innovation, we must embed this end-to-end capability into the fabric of how the organization works. This requires a careful consideration of the people, process, and technology which make up an innovation program.

At HYPE Innovation, we work across this spectrum of people, process and technology, to help our clients run successful innovation management programs.

Innovation Management Introduction Webinar

Airbus Case Study

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