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An End-to-End Process

HYPE innovation management process
HYPE innovation management process

Idea Campaigns and Idea Channels

Campaigns are used to generate ideas within a clearly defined area of focus. A sponsor drives the campaign, a community manager asks a diverse group to contribute ideas, and a team of experts evaluate the ideas submitted by campaign participants. Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to generate ideas on a topic with a diverse group of people.

Channels are an always-open bucket for specific types of ideas. A channel can represent a particular product, market, company division, or long-term strategic objective. Channels have caretakers, who are responsible for the health of the channel, and for handling and processing new ideas. Channels can be used for continuous improvement, or for innovation initiatives which sit outside of the time bounded campaign model.

Concepts and Innovation Projects

Concepts are ideas in development stage. The concept author builds a business case based on the idea. This is used in team reviews, innovation board decisions, and project implementation. Multiple ideas can be combined to create a single concept made up from several contributions and supporting materials.

Innovation Projects are ideas which have moved from concept (business case) to projects (budget and implementation). Projects typically have a goal, a timeframe, a budget, milestones, and an implementation team.

The Keys to a Sustainable Collaboration


Collaboration is at the heart of a successful innovation program. Getting diverse groups of people to work together, to produce valuable outcomes for the organization, requires an approach tailored to the culture and values of those groups.

  • Trust and belief in the process
  • An eagerness to collaborate
  • Openness for change
  • Process and supporting tools
  • Clear responsibilities
  • A roadmap
  • Sponsorship
  • Direction and focus
  • Encouragement and recognition

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The HYPE Ecosystem

Innovation management programs are more than just a software platform. HYPE brings a network of support and
value to our customers, designed to maximize the impact of the software, the success of your program.
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A services and consulting team, with thousands of hours experience working with large complex innovation programs. Our services are dedicated to making your program successful.

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A dedicated content and research team, producing frequent webinars, articles, reports, and case studies. All designed specifically for the innovation manager.

Hype Report
Hype Report


A network of partners who bring additional skills and tools to the innovation field. From engaging communities of experts, to running business sprints.


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A diverse and highly engaged client community. We run frequent face to face events across the globe, bringing innovation professionals together to share their experience and help each other develop their skills.

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