Case Studies From the Field of Innovation Management

Download stories from HYPE clients to learn more about their innovation programs.

Case Studies
Ideation & Collaboration

Baxi Heating UK

How a 150-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Is Leveraging Online Innovation to Drive Cultural Transformation

Ideation & Collaboration


How to move from a suggestion box to a solutions platform for continuous improvement.

Cost Saving


An in-depth case study looking at how ConocoPhillips gathered millions of dollars in cash flow improvement initatives through the HYPE platform.

Ideation & Collaboration


How to build an enterprise-wide innovation program which delivers high-impact results.

Ideation & Collaboration


How to create a process for co-creation with your customers, to fuel innovation.

Customer Insight

UC San Diego

How to use innovation management to support the strategic goals of a higher education institution.

Customer Insight


How to create an innovation management utility for the rest of the business.

Ideation & Collaboration


Boost participation and increase idea quality by focusing on the culture of the organization.