Idea- and Innovation
Management Resources

Ebooks, Case Studies, Whitepaper, and more to help you grow your company-wide innovation initiative.

Methods & Frameworks

The Innovation Maturity Model – Becoming More Adaptive

Based on interviews with 30 organizations, we created a three stage model of adaptive innovation. The model describes the transformation companies are going through to increase their innovation capabilities.

Culture Management

The 3 Laws of Humor in Collaboration

As times are changing – and they are not getting any more luxurious – companies have to adapt. Humor can lead to social cohesiveness, co-operation and openness to new-found experiences.

Culture Management

The 3 Laws of Humor in Social Media

There is a saying that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. Why do we not incorporate such thinking into business?

Disruption & Transformation

Beyond Product v Service: The Age of the Device

Companies could be smarter about their apps – they could take a lesson from Bechtel and recognise that the device is actually a funnel for redesigning business processes.