HYPE Enterprise

The complete platform for innovation management. From idea generation to project implementation.

Use HYPE Enterprise to Innovate Your Business

  • Increase efficiency
  • Share best practises
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Find expertise
  • Continuously improve

Use HYPE Enterprise to Innovate Your Products 

  • Develop new products or services
  • Develop new business models
  • Disrupt your market
  • Co-create with partners
  • Gain customer insights
  • Improve product profitability

HYPE Enterprise covers the full innovation process

HYPE Enterprise is engineered from experience. Over ten years of best-practice knowledge has gone into making a full-lifecycle process which delivers results. All of the tools you need to be successful are included in a single product.

Use intelligent tools to engage your audience

Intelligent tools to increase engagement and quality 

  • Strategic innovation areas set the hunting grounds for innovation.
  • Create a balanced roadmap of process improvement, cost saving, incremental, and radical innovation.
  • Track and measure your progress in the defined sectors.
  • Campaigns serve the strategic areas by conducting time-bounded calls for discussion, ideation, and review.
  • Social features improve the quality of ideas by encouraging idea development and bottom-up support with community graduation, narrowing the focus on the most promising and well-developed ideas.
  • visible workflow simplifies the idea development path, and makes progress transparent.

Use HYPE Enterprise to discover and measure Innovation Success

The innovation manager can discover and nurture value

  • The Pipeline Explorer gives a complete end-to-end view, allowing the innovation manager to click and report on any aspect.
  • The KPI Toolkit makes measurement specific and meaningful to your individual outcomes.
  • The Community Reputation allows managers to find the innovation hotspots in the company.
  • Concepts build upon ideas to create collections of real business value which can move into the project stage.

Designed for Global Deployment

Designed for the global corporate environment

  • Scale your initiative to every employee, partner, and customer with a single tool.
  • Multi-language support takes you into every corner of the globe without barriers.
  • Integrate with leading business applications, including IBM Connections, Yammer,SharePoint, and Jive.
  • Host in the cloud or on-premise and receive regional support.

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Quick insights for tackling the common challenges of Collaboration Innovation. From idea quality and distributed teams, to build vs. buy and going beyond R&D.

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