Case Studies From the Field of Innovation Management

Download stories from HYPE clients to learn more about their innovation programs.

Case Studies
Ideation & Collaboration

Al Rajhi

Over 8,000 employees engaging in English and Arabic to provide new service ideas.

Ideation & Collaboration

BST Corp

Find out how the Chilean outsourcing specialist engages its employees to innovate internal processes with HYPE GO!

Ideation & Collaboration


15,000 employees helping to increase knowledge sharing and drive breakthrough innovations at Bombardier Transportation.

Ideation & Collaboration


Collecting ideas from across the company to develop new product innovations.

Ideation & Collaboration

Casa Pellas

Build an enterprise wide platform for process improvements and employee innovation.

Ideation & Collaboration


Engaging consumers and employees with open innovation and co-creation.

Ideation & Collaboration


Connecting R&D teams from across the globe to promote co-creation and innovation.

Ideation & Collaboration


Scaling up Innovation and Breaking down the Silos.